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Marissa Ebert 


Co-Founder & Therapist

Get to know me

Marissa is known for being a beacon of strength and empathy in the realm of mental health and wellness. Marissa wears multiple hats as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and an adjunct professor at Rockford University specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.

Marissa's educational journey culminated in a Master’s of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern Illinois University. With a career spanning various age groups, she recently dedicated her focus to adolescents and adults, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of her clients.

A champion of diversity, Marissa is multiracial and experienced in working with clients from all cultures, races, and religions. Her therapeutic approach is marked by a welcoming, empathic, and uplifting personality that fosters significant rapport with her clients. Marissa understands the intricacies of treating the whole body and mind, evident in her 2019 initiative, Alt Yoga. This venture aimed to introduce a new, unique style of yoga to the community, inspired by Marissa's personal journey of finding solace in yoga during challenging times. Marissa is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of stretching and breathwork, making them accessible, fun, and enjoyable for everyone.

Marissa's comprehensive training encompasses the application of evidence-based trauma therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), specifically designed for treating trauma and attachment disorders. She customizes her therapeutic methods to effectively navigate a spectrum of challenges, ranging from anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, PTSD, and Complex PTSD to attachment issues, ADHD, grief and loss, adjustment disorders, chronic illnesses, and beyond.


Passionate about supporting first responders and the military, Marissa's personal connection to this cause runs deep. Hailing from a family with a law enforcement background, being married to a firefighter/paramedic, and experiencing the hardships of war through personal loss, Marissa brings profound empathy and understanding to her work with this community.

Marissa's relatable counseling style extends to clients from all backgrounds, including the working class, owing to her upbringing and active involvement in the community. Her deep understanding of medical diagnoses, especially the complications of chronic illnesses like autoimmune disorders, stems from her own experiences living with Celiac’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Disease.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marissa is a passionate community advocate, engaging in educational initiatives, training programs, and hosting events. Her workshops cater to diverse audiences, including community members, first responders, students, non-profit employees, teachers, and aspiring yoga instructors. Marissa's community involvement has earned her recognition, featuring on local news for her impactful contributions and unique yoga events.

In her personal time, Marissa finds joy in the company of her husband, two children, family, friends, and three dogs. Her love for cultural events, attending comic cons, cosplaying, watching anime, and enjoying concerts and live comedy underscores her zest for life. Marissa's office is a testament to her unique personality, adorned with nerdy touches that reflect her love for culture and fun.


Marissa's journey is an inspiring tapestry of resilience, compassion, and a deep commitment to bringing alternative therapies to the community. Her genuine enthusiasm for making a positive impact shines through, making her a guiding light for those seeking healing and personal growth.

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