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In the spirit of inspiration and compassion, Alternative Wellness Therapies, PLLC emerged in 2021 as the brainchild of Michelle Petty and Marissa Ebert. Recognizing the community's need for more than just a standard mental health private practice, Michelle and Marissa envisioned a haven for alternative methods of treatment, providing diverse options under one welcoming roof.

At Alternative Wellness Therapies, the mission is to guide you towards achieving a harmonious balance between your mind and body through a range of professional, high-quality services. The founders' commitment goes beyond conventional approaches, embracing alternative methods that nurture your overall well-being.


In this compassionate space, the goal is not just to address mental health but to offer a comprehensive sanctuary where individuals can explore diverse paths to healing and personal growth.

Diverse Approaches

We understand that therapy extends beyond the conventional "talk therapy" and is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of experienced therapists utilizes a variety of research-proven techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, spanning from birth and upwards.

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At Alternative Wellness Therapies, we invite you to explore a tailored and effective approach to therapy that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your journey towards well-being is both professional and inviting.

Our therapeutic philosophy is rooted in providing personalized treatments aimed at fostering healing, delving into the core issues to facilitate lasting progress and personal growth.

We recognize that opting for therapy can be a challenging decision, and we are dedicated to alleviating any concerns you may have. Our team consists of highly trained and specialized professionals who are not only approachable but also engaging.


Upon your visit to our office, savor a cup of complimentary coffee or tea upon entry, relax in our welcoming waiting room, and find comfort in the inviting ambiance of our cozy and well-appointed offices. Your comfort and ease are our top priorities.



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Comprehensive services

tailored to address the whole body

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play therapy

Our therapists employ a customized approach to fulfill your specific needs, guiding you through a professional journey of personal growth and development. We offer individual therapy services for adults, adolescents, and children.

Play is recognized as the primary language of children. Our professional play therapy services are designed to offer an age-appropriate outlet, addressing the needs of children at a deeper level than traditional talk therapy. Play therapy is available for ages birth and up.

Trauma Therapy

Our therapists are proficient in both Brainspotting and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This evidence-based treatment is suitable for all age groups and offers expedited relief compared to traditional talk therapy.



Maintaining proper spinal alignment extends beyond alleviating physical discomfort. Chiropractic care has demonstrated efficacy in improving mental health symptoms, complementing its array of physical benefits.


We are here to provide you with our professional expertise

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Alternative Wellness Therapies is proud to collaborate with industry professionals, offering a diverse range of services tailored to meet your individualized needs. Our esteemed wellness partners provide their services within the premises of Alternative Wellness Therapies, ensuring convenient access for our clients.


Interested in becoming an AlT wellness partner?

Alternative Wellness Therapies is consistently striving to enhance our range of services to address the holistic needs of our clients. If you are seeking a space to rent or an additional venue to offer your services, we invite you to reach out to our office today for more information. Your collaboration is integral to our commitment to comprehensive wellness.

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9950 N Alpine Rd

Suite 103

Machesney Park, IL 61115

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