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Introducing Asta, an exceptional Golden Retriever bred by the esteemed Sun Golden Kennels—a breeder boasting over 30 years of experience and renowned for producing champion Golden Retrievers. At Sun Golden Kennels, a commitment to quality aligns with the AKC Golden Retriever standard, placing strong emphasis on both temperament and health.

Asta, the offspring of champion Golden Retrievers Breaker and Jasmine, both now retired, was carefully selected for his lineage, embodying the excellence Sun Golden Kennels is known for. Marissa, Asta's dedicated owner and handler, discovered her canine companion only two weeks before bringing him home, thanks to Sun Golden Kennels' meticulous approach to matching ideal temperaments between puppies and owners.

Asta's destiny as a therapy dog was no accident; it was a carefully planned journey. Sun Golden Kennels foresaw Asta's potential and ensured that his temperament aligned seamlessly with the role. The journey of training and development began with puppy classes at B&B Canine, and Asta is currently enrolled in Level 1 Training with the same reputable institution. March marks a significant milestone, as Asta will turn a year old and commence his path towards certification as a therapy dog.

Beyond his training, Asta receives meticulous care, including daily brushing and frequent grooming, contributing to reduced allergens and minimal shedding. This commitment reflects Marissa's dedication to providing Asta with optimal well-being.

Asta's versatility shines through as he actively participates in counseling sessions, showcasing his love for greeting clients, offering hugs, exuding a playful personality, and indulging in the joy of restful sleep. Asta is not just a dog; he is a testament to Sun Golden Kennels' legacy and Marissa's unwavering commitment to nurturing a canine companion that brings joy, comfort, and professionalism to every setting.

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