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Meet Nala, a distinguished first-generation Labradoodle with a remarkable background in social development. From her early weeks of life, Nala had the privilege of participating in activities at nursing homes and social events, fostering her social skills under the careful guidance of her dedicated breeder.

Acquired by Michelle, a devoted owner and handler, at the age of 9 weeks, Nala seamlessly integrated into a life filled with interactions with young children, quickly becoming their cherished playmate. Nala's extensive training journey includes completion of various courses at Miss Cristy's Canine Academy, ranging from puppy classes to the prestigious American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program. Additionally, Nala has undergone specialized Training and Certification for Therapy Dog through the Bright and Beautiful program, under the tutelage of Instructor Tom Shook.

Known for her mild temperament, Nala has a natural affinity for affection, often delighting in hugs and snuggles. Her playful spirit is showcased through engaging in a variety of play-based activities, including hiking, frolicking in the snow, and spirited tug-of-war battles.

Noteworthy is Nala's unique attribute as a low-shedding Labradoodle, contributing to the hypoallergenic qualities of her breed. Beyond her impressive training and sociable nature, Nala's versatility and love for outdoor adventures make her a delightful companion for those seeking a well-rounded and enjoyable canine presence.

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