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Jean Weymer



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Jean is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the heart of Illinois. With a profound dedication to helping others, Jean seamlessly blends professional expertise with personal experiences in her counseling practice, creating a space of understanding, empathy, and growth.

Over the past decade, Jean has delved into various therapeutic approaches, showcasing a commitment to continuous learning and expanding her skill set. Specialized training in Theraplay, play therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma, Brainspotting, ADHD, and suicide prevention exemplify her diverse toolkit. Jean's dedication to professional development mirrors her passion for providing the best possible care for her clients.

Beyond her professional identity, Jean's personal journey as a mother of three and a former foster parent enriches her understanding of diverse life experiences. This fusion of training and personal life uniquely positions her to relate to clients on a deeper level. Jean believes that true empathy stems from shared understanding, and her diverse background allows her to connect with clients in a genuine and compassionate manner.

Described as genuine, empathic, caring, and easy to talk to, Jean embodies the qualities of a compassionate counselor. Her mission is to create a therapeutic environment that fosters trust and open communication. Whether working with children, adolescents, or adults, Jean is committed to providing a safe and nurturing space for exploration and healing.

Jean's approach is as unique as each individual she works with, drawing from evidence-based practices and a client-centered philosophy. Her genuine belief in the power of connection and understanding underlines her commitment to tailoring therapy to the unique needs of each client.


Beyond her professional role, Jean finds joy in spending time with family and friends. Known for her infectious laughter and ability to bring smiles to everyone's faces, Jean embodies a positive and uplifting presence. Her ultimate desire is to empower individuals to overcome challenges and discover their personal resilience. If you're seeking support on your journey to well-being, Jean eagerly anticipates meeting you and exploring the path to positive change and personal growth together.

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