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Introducing Freja, the delightful Keeshond whose friendly and lively nature is bound to inspire joy. Hailing from the Spitz family, Freja carries the charming characteristics of an endearing "foxy face", pointed ears, abundant fur, and the distinctive spectacle-like black markings around her eyes. Known as the "smiling Dutchman," Freja radiates perpetual happiness, making her a remarkable breed that seamlessly connects with people of all ages.

Selected as a service dog to address symptoms of panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, Freja's role goes beyond her physical attributes. With her luscious, minimally shedding coat, she becomes a soothing presence for those experiencing moments of dysregulation. Freja's very demeanor exudes a calming influence, spreading joy with her ever-smiling face and playful personality. In her presence, inspiration unfolds through the unique bond she shares, offering not just companionship but a source of comfort and support.

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